Njmpta rule #1

Matches are to be played by the friday following the match date. Default starting times will be between 8:30 am and 11:00 am on Saturdays and 7:30 pm on week nights. It is permissible, and encouraged , BUT NOT REQUIRED, to play individual matches prior to, or following the scheduled date if agreeable to both teams.If such an agreement is made and the match is not played for any reason: the team that was ready to play on the scheduled date will receive the default win; if neither team was ready on the scheduled date the match will go unplayed. If such agreement is not made, the team that is not ready to play on the scheduled date will be defaulted. Team matches are played top to bottom, so that if a single team defaults, it will be in the fourth spot, then the third, etc. Matches should be played in all weather conditions unless the Teams consider court conditions to be hazardous for effective play. If the courts are deemed unplayable prior to a visiting Team’s arrival, it is the responsibility of the home team to call the visiting Team prior to them traveling. If that is the case, makeup matches due to weather conditions must be post played within 10 days from original scheduled date.

rule #2

A player may only play for 1 club in a given season

rule #3

All matches will be 2 out 3 sets, regular scoring with a 12 point tiebreaker at 6-6

rule #4

A player who represents a Club in a match during a specified week (Week, 1, 2, 3 etc.) may not represent the Club in another match with respect to the same week, regardless of (i) when a match is played (e.g., at the scheduled date, pre-played or post-played) or (ii) whether the matches are played in different leagues. In the event a player plays more than one match for a Club with respect to a specified week, then both matches played by such player shall be deemed forfeited by such player’s Club

rule #5

In the event of a split between 2 teams on a given week, the following tiebreakers shall apply
i) the first tiebreaker is the total # of sets won by each team (in the head to head match)
ii) if set total is equal the second tie break will be the winner of the court #1 match

rule #6


rule #7

Once a match has started it may be suspended only due to weather. In such case rule #1 will apply. If a team is unable to continue for any reason ( injury or other ) that team will lose the match and be reported as retired

rule #8

It is the responsibility of BOTH CAPTAINS to report their scores by the deadline each week. Any unreported scores will be posted as UNPLAYED.
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